Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why do you need to go to school?

If I ask you why you go to school. Most of you will say to gain knowledge. I doubt that it is your honest intention. What you really want is the status as the educated class that will gives you a lot of privilege in society. You will gain access to the labor market, gain a personal status in society, and many other things. Knowledge, maybe some, but who really cares?

Self achievement for education has driven their cost to rise more than the rate of inflation. It is not because the demand to increase the quality of education. It is mainly because education is scarce, and people are willing to pay more to gain those limited resource. If knowledge is free, the access is not limited such as by entrance system, but can be gain freely and easily in public library or internet, price will not rise highly, because education has become a public good.

The culprit is the attribution of personal status by education in society. It is a continuation from the aristocracy. At that time, people get self respect because of the noble title they possessed. Nobility which can only be gained by birth become a scarce resource. If commoners can become noble, it will not be respected as high. The same logic can be used for education status. Educated class is the nobility of today. To make it a scarce resource, certain limitation must be put on: education cost, tiresome and sometimes ridiculous certification, state regulation, bookprice, copyright system, etc.

Education as a tool to free people from ignorance has been hijacked by the powerful group to serve their own intention. It is intentionally made to be scarce, limited to school and university. Once it is scarce, it becomes a commodity that can be priced.

The next writing is on health system, which is also hijacked.


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