Friday, May 27, 2005

What does it means to be a human

We don't know what does it mean to be human (at least for most of us). We are born, without being aware of what does it mean to be alive, we take it as it is, we take it for granted.

We are born with total oblivion. We know nothing about this world. Luckily we are not aware that we know nothing! By the time we grow up, our society, especially our parents, tells us about this world. Some of them might be right, most of them are wrong! But we need that. Even a wrong reference is better than no reference at all. Somehow we need a starting point eventhough it is a false one.

But, once we grow older, we become more aware. We must have felt that some of our reference that we acquire from our society is false, or at least not good enough. We feel that something is not on the right track. Now we are face with two choices, to ignore it or to pursue it. Most people choose to ignore it, because to pursue it means walking to a land of the unknown, the TERRA INCOGNITA, where we question everything that we have acquire from our predecessor. It is not an easy task, and also not comfortable. Most people are happy enough in their dream, they don't want to wake up, to face the true reality.

There is only one way, to pursue the truth, to find what does it means tobe alive, what does it means to be a human. Without it, we will be vanish in the total oblivion...
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Friday, May 20, 2005

Heaven on Earth

Too many people depends on the payback time, on the judgement day. Well it might suit many people, but not for me! It is too long, and I am a kinda person that is not too patient, especially when you see a lot of suffering and injustice in front of your eyes. We certainly must do something!

You cannot just say that God will pay you back later. No! It doesn't mean that I don't believe in God. I believe that God has given us the transformative power on us, because we are all the image of God. We inherit the power of God to change. And if we want to make that change, it WILL happen.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Day 1

We all know that we share this tiny pale blue dot, namely Earth. But almost none of us realize what this actually means. We still live as if we are separated from one another. By this reason only I create this log, sharing my dream, my thought, my desire as a lonely man in a lonely planet, hoping that we can all share our dream to make this world a better world, not only for us, but for the generations after us.
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