Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fueled by dream

Do you realized that most of us keep on living because we believe in a common dream. Those dream take shapes in various kind. We dream of a better future, that's what makes us struggle everyday to make our life better. Some of us do good deeds to be redempted in the afterlife in heaven. The other buy stocks, hopefully that when the price is right he can make something out of it. Yes, we are species that is capable of dreaming, and we cannot live without it.

Dreaming is not so bad, if we realize that we are dreaming. Most of us just keep on going with the flow. Dream by definition is not real. And clinging to something that is not real is really dangerous. But when most of us agree upon the "reality" of the dream, than it becomes the reality. One most the most concrete example is money. Since all of us agree that it is valuable, that IT IS valuable, otherwise it is just a piece of useless paper that bear no economical use whatsoever.

Dream is the mold that shape our society, for better or worst. Capitalism today is still alive because of that. Most of the dream that they offer is not real. The rate of inflation is still rampant. It is just a matter of time that they finally realized that everything is just made up, that all of us us just dreaming. Our account in bank doesn't mean anything but a bit of data. A simple crash in the system will return everything to zero. The banking system itself is build on trust that we can all redeem our money from them once we make deposits, unfortunately it is not true. If we draw all of our money from the bank at the same time, the economy will collapsed imidiately.

Maybe we have to think seriously starting now, by keeping ourselves satisfied with "Bare Necessities".
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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Trap of Convenience

Modern lifestyle offers us a lot of convenience. You don't have to travel by caravel in hardship for month such as what Columbus do to reach the New World, but a flight in jumbo jet just for several hours in a cozy seat will do. You can order you dinner by just dialing a number, you don't have to sweat to grind the wheat grain and then bake them. Copying books is much much easier compared to medieval time when the monks scribed laboriously night and day.

Those conveniences trap us into ignorance. We live only to pursue them. In pursuit of happiness is translated into pursuit of conveniences. We work hard only yearlong only to spend them all in an annual vacation. Life becomes meaningless, measured only by the degree of comfortability.

Convenience makes us dull, loose our ability to think critically. It binds us into ignorance, oblivion to the surroundings. In medieval era, it blinded the aristocrats, being lived cozily in their well protected castle. Now it blinds us who live cozily in an air conditioned room in the skyscrapers.

Behold you fools! The world is dying. Throw away all your conveniences! Wars, poverty, terrors, are everywhere in the world. They are not in your neighborhood do not mean they do not exist.

Just open your eyes, and most importantly your heart, look beyond. The information technology has given us access to those kind of informations. It is the time for the change, or it is going to be too late...
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