Monday, June 20, 2005

A World of Role

It might sound a bit strange, a world of role. I device this sentence as an antithesis of the world of class.

You know of course what the world of class means. We are segregated, sometimes when we are born. When you are born poor, then you are doomed for eternity, and this is still true for most part of the world. Eventhough feudalism is formally nowhere around this world, its power is very much alive and kicking. Then we are "classified" according to our status. Some enjoys the previlages of being an authority, some happy enough being called professionals, some blue collar, some the filth of community. Theoritically, we can improve our class by acquiring education, but practically by the increasing price of education, only lucky few can made it.

Being segregated in classes is actually not so bad, it is the relation between class that really hurts. The "upper" class dominates the lower class, repressed them and squezzed them until nothing left. When nothing is left, it simply moves to another victim, just like a vampire.

The class repression can be witnessed everywhere, in schools: by authoritarian teachers and the school system itself, in office: bossy manager is always right, while the staff is always wrong just becaused they are the lower class, in factory: long hours, small paid, etc, etc. It exists because the upper class simply can do that. This must be ended!

We must change the paradigm from class to role. We are the same, as a human being, we are just assigned by different role according to our capacity. Being on "top", as manager, director, or coordinator, is actually the same as being "below". Controlling doesn't have to be oppressing. Managing doesn't have to be dictating. The main idea is that each human being is a free man. All of us has rights to do what we think suit ourselves better. No man can tell the other man what to do, especially against his/her counsciousness.
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