Friday, October 07, 2005

Fear of the Unknown

We all know what fear is, eventhough not many from us who really understand it. We fear height, sickness, loneliness, poverty, rejection, humiliation, and most of all death. We try literally everything to avoid or eliminate our fear. We work as hard as possible, and spend wisely while saving, to secure our financial, because we fear poverty. We also live healthily, and work out because we fear sickness. Get married because we fear loneliness. And spend millions of dollars to find any kind of possibility to enable us to prolong our life, because we fear death.

Why fear? Fear is nature's most important instrument to keep us survive. Without it we are going to deal with unnecessary danger bluntly. It help us to run from them, while by time trying to find a new way to overcome the danger itself. To overcome the danger of daily life has been the drive of human culture since forever, even till now, of course in a more subtle way.

But sometimes we still fear the danger that has no longer exist, because we have already know how to overcome them, but yet the fear is still there. By inventing fire, we have conquer the darkness of the night, but yet the fear of darkness has been carved so deeply into our soul so almost all of us still fear darkness.

The true cure of fear is not to eliminate them, because some of them cannot be elimated or avoided. The true cure is knowledge, because deep inside we fear anything that we cannot comprehend. We fear a snake because we think that it is poisonous, but once we know that it is not poisonous, the fear should fade away. Of course most of the time it doesn't happened automatically because it has become a habit, and to change a habit is not always easy.

And the root of all fear is death, the sure thing that will catch up with all of us. We fear them because we know nothing about them. No one that has gone through death can tell us the story about it. It is really the realm of the unknown. Many religion, myth and tradition tried to explain it, but still there is nothing that can be proven and satisfy everybody.

By excepting that we do not fear anything that is new and unknown to us, we have kill the root of fear itself. Accept it, with joy, like a child that except every new thing as a new adventure. We have lost our innocence as a child by letting the adolescence to put up all the fear as an adult. Maybe we need to unlearn, and regain all that we have lost from our childhood, and by then we can live better.
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